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Dec 31 , 1969

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MIRIAM is a transformation account. It is the story of the refinement of a plain village girl from raw to high quality, from crude to top grade purity. Her latent potential in the worship of God was discovered early by a dedicated and gifted missionary who proceeded to mould the ordinary lump of clay into a refined piece of vessel most fit for the use of the Master, an icon to her generation.


This is a well written book. It cannot but catch your imagination with its commendable picturesque that takes the reader along page by page often leaving an air of suspense and expectation in you. Yet, the book through and through is written with amazing simplicity.”

The Most Revd G. L. Lasebikan, Ph.D


“MIRIAM is another thriller from the stable of the master story-teller for Jesus. The book is a chronicle of a young convert’s journey of faith to fame with its challenges and triumphs, a must read for the baby and mature Christian,”

Deacon Olumide Idowu

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