A DANGLING SWORD - A Writer’s View at the World of Cheats



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Jul 15 , 2019

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A Dangling Sword is a didactic book that tells the insidious story of examination cheats and the dire consequences of living such a life. The author’s goal is to help children and youth, in particular, but all and sundry seek excellence in life, but not by fraud or cheating in any form.

With its moral lesson constantly in view, the book is largely a story about certain university students who had led a life of examination malpractices even from secondary school. The culprits are as diverse as they are representations of the usual cheat one meets out there.

The idea is to open the door for anyone living in a lie to see through the mirror of A Dangling Sword that cheating leads nowhere; rather, it attracts harsh consequences, shame and damnation. But repentance and restitution, or a changed heart and life guarantee a life of peace and progress.

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