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The Water of Life was hurriedly put together as a booklet in 1998 soon after I had series of divine encounters with the Lord God.

This third edition is an enlarged piece to make certain information elucidated in the first edition more explicit. This enlarged edition is written in response to the numerous demands of our readers worldwide.

The book “the Water of Life” has been described by many as a powerful tool used of God to interpret the Book of Revelation on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus and the hidden religion known as the Rotary.

Through a personal encounter and experience based on God’s Instruction and guidance, the Author exposes what many would have considered “a walk with God“ but what is indeed a fellowship with the kingdom of darkness.

The Lord God is calling as many who are willing and ready to renounce fraternity with humanitarianism and practice CHARITY before the Day of the Lord.

The wholesome truth is that Jesus Christ is coming back soon!!!

Let him who have ears, let him hear.....

Revelation 22:6,7,16,17

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