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This book was not written to make the woman think she can do without the man or to start rubbing shoulders with him, but rather meant to make her realized her true identity based on God’s Word and the glorious future that God designed for her. There is a picture in the scripture for every of God’s creatures. If God had no programme for the woman He would not have created her. But I know and believe that there is God agenda for her, so she is a relevant being.

Another issue pointed out in this book is to let the woman and the entire world know that the woman is not without a purpose and value, her responsibilities in life goes beyond the kitchen and child bearing.

The man needs the woman and so also the woman needs the man, they both need each other. The man should not see the woman as an inferior being and the woman likewise should not relegate herself to the background nor should she start or try to compete with the man. No society is complete without the woman.

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