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Even a-day-old believer is potentially a wonder to the world because of the capacity God puts in us to perform miracles. It is this wonder of the Christian life that preoccupies The Power to Make It Happen.

The author has had over two decades experience with God as her heavenly Father, and with Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. The stories she tells to illustrate her message are vivid examples of the power that works in the believer to make miracles happen.

And you can experience miracles; yes, you! And else you fear that you can’t make miracles happen, perhaps because of your evaluation of your present state, the author tells you of her humble state: she is not a pastor, apostle or prophetess in the traditional way; she is, like you, just a believer in Christ. Her testimonies of the miraculous are bound to energies you, sharpen your resolve, and make you to insist on your desired miracles and see them happen!

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