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1. Click on the ‘Add to cart’ button of the book.

2. The book which is added to cart will be in the right side of middle header portion (Item(s)). Click on it.

3. Click checkout to take you to Checkout page.

4. Log in to your account using authenticated email & password, you can also login through social media (facebook or google plus) or click on Sign Up to create an account if you do not have one.

5. In the checkout page, you can apply the coupon if it is provided to you. Then click ‘Next’.

6. Enter your information. Then click ‘Next’.

7. Choose your Payment Option. Then Place your order.

8. Complete the payment using your ATM/Master Card.

9. System will generate an invoice for your purchase. You can print the invoice and/or go back to download page.

To Download and Read Your Book

1.      Log in to your account on rcbookstore.com using authenticated email & password, you can also login through social media (facebook or google plus).

2.      Click on Downloads to download your book and read.

1.      FREE: Publishing/Selling your books on Rcbookstore.com is totally free.

2.      RIGHTS: You keep control of your rights and set your own prices, monitor the sales of your book(s), and make changes to your books at any time.

3.      GET TO MARKET FAST: Set up your book in minutes, and it will appear on RCBOOKSTORE.COM.

4.      70% ROYALTY: You will earn 70% royalty.

Publishing and selling your books on Rcbookstore.com is totally free.

Here’s how to publish your eBook:

1.      Prepare your manuscript and cover (If you don’t know how to design the cover we will help you design one for just N3000.00). Check out our tools and resources.

2.      Your book must be formatted in PDF and be secured.

3.      Make sure your book meets our content and quality guidelines.

4.      You will need a Vendor Account.

5.      Sign in to your Vendor Account or create a new Vendor Account.

6.      Click on Products by the left side. Then click on Create Product by the upper right side.

7.      In the "Manage Product (Digital)" page, enter your information for each section:

Product Details

1.      Product Title. Enter your Book Title.

2.      Add Logo: Click on Choose Logo to add your book cover.

3.      Category: Click on Choose One and click on one category from the drop down list that your book belongs.

4.      Sub-Category: Choose Ebook from the sub-category that appears.

5.      Add Images: Click on Choose File to add your Book Covers.

6.      Product File: Click on Choose File to add your formatted secured PDF Manuscript.

7.      Description. Enter Full Description of your book (About Your Book).

Then Click on Next

Business Details

1.      Sale Price. Enter your Sale Price.

Finally, click Upload. Wait till your book is uploaded.

NOTE: If you will like to engage the service of our expert Book Publishers to publish it for you please feel free to contact us.

For more information contact our HelpDesk:

Email: support@rcbookstore.com

Hot Line: 070 6450 3055.