How to publish your eBook on RCBookstore:

  1. Prepare your manuscript and cover (If you don’t know how to design the cover we will help you design one for just N2000). Check out our tools and resources.

  2. Your book must be formatted in PDF and be secured.

  3. Make sure your book meets our content and quality guidelines.

  4. Kindly click on Sell On RCBookstore to register as a Vendor.

  5. Go to your Products. Click on Add New Product.

  6. In the “Add New Product” dialog box, enter your information for each section:

    • Product Name. Enter your Book Title.

    • Price. Set your List Price.

    • Upload a product cover image. Upload your Book Cover.

    • +. Add other cover images if any.

    • Select a category. Select your book category from the drop down list.

    • Enter some short description about this product. Enter short description about your book.

  7. After entering your information, click Create Product or Create & Add New if you want to add another book.

  8. Under Product Type choose Simple.

  9. Select Downloadable and Virtual.

  10. Description. Enter Description about your book (About Your Book).

  11. Add Stock Keeping Unit, e.g. BK001.

  12. Downloadable Options. Click on Add File to upload your formatted secured PDF Manuscript.

  13. Download Limit. Enter 2.

  14. Click Save Product.

For more information or do you want our professional Publishers design and publish your book for you? Contact our HelpDesk:


Hot Line: +234 70 6450 3055.

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